PROFESSIONAL “A” Monthly Revenue Table


June 2021
1 John S  $              20.00
3 Dr. K  $                      4.00
3 Jake J  $              20.00
3 Beth V  $              20.00
5 James P  $              20.00
5 Dr. K  $                      4.00
10 Dr. K  $                      4.00
10 Dr. G  $                      4.00
13 Maria T  $              20.00
13 Seth S  $              20.00
13 Josh E  $              20.00
18 Dr. Y  $                      4.00
22 Dr. Z  $                      4.00
24 Dr. K  $                      4.00
29 Benjamin K  $              20.00
30 Dr. A  $                      4.00

Here are the basic elements of the table.  The table is designed to track a professional’s “sales.”

The table depicts the month of June’s sales for Professional “A”.


(1) Professional “A” makes $20 for a DIRECT sale.

(2) A DIRECT sale occurs when an end-user registers vis-a-vis Professional A’s  sign-up form.

(3) Please note: I’d like the table to include the date of the sale and the name of the end-user.


(1) Professional “A” earns $4 for an INDIRECT sale.  An INDIRECT sale occurs when Professional “A” tells Dr. K to use the website. And then Dr. K signs up an end-user vis-a-vis his (Dr. K’s) sign-up form.

(2) Please note: Dr. K’s patient’s names CANNOT be displayed on Professional A’s table. So, rather than Dr. K’s patients’ names appearing on Professional “A’s” table, I’d like Dr. K to appear. In my example, you can see that his name is on the table 4 times. This obviously means that Dr. K registered 4 different end-users.

A Question About INDIRECT Sales

(I’m assuming that coding to track INDIRECT sales is trickier than coding to track DIRECT sales.) 

Would you be able to track INDIRECT sales if the Professional’s Registration Form asked the person signing up whether or not another professional referred them to the website, and if they answer “yes,” they would give the referring professional’s name, or email, or a unique ID?