GreenVine  software

An Easy Way for Healthcare Practitioners to Administer Psychological Assessments to Clients

Assessing your clients’ Mental Health Disorders and measuring their progress Can Be Time-Consuming and Overwhelming.

For both you and your clients.

You Now Have an affordable Option.

Built For Practitioners

Our software automatically scores the assessments and provides fast, accurate results.


Works Great For Patients

 No pencil or paper required. Patients easily complete the assessments using any electronic device.


Safe and Secure Process

Assessments are delivered directly to the provider through a HIPAA-compliant email system.


Want to Improve Patient Outcomes?

GreenVine Software is designed to make it easy for psychologists, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, clinical social workers, mental health professionals, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dieticians, and life coaches to assess their clients with reliable and validated psychometric resources and to measure their clients’ treatment progress using quantifiable data.

Assessments are delivered at the time of care — in the office or remotely — or at any place and time that is convenient for the patient.

Tests are instantly and accurately scored, and results and interpretations are sent directly to the client’s provider through GreenVine Software’s HIPAA-comliant email service.

GreenVine Software is affordable, efficient, and easy to use. It’s an invaluable tool that fits seamlessly into anyone’s practice; allows for better documentation; and ultimately increases client engagement which can help improve the therapeutic relationship and increase the efficacy of treatment.


Ready For Access to Dozens and Dozens of Valid and Reliable Healthcare Screens?

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