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You are by far the best life coach in 40+ years of personal development. I really can’t thank you enough. 

Mark O.

Client, age 70

You’ve helped me become a more loving wife and a stronger mother.  Life is so much more peaceful and enjoyable.  

Donna R.

Client, age 37

I can’t thank you enough for your willingness to adjust your schedule many times for me.  This was a definite key to my success.

Richie V.

Client, age 19

Coaching removes the interference that stands between you and achieving your potential.


Coaching will allow you to achieve beneficial and measurable results in all areas of your life.


What is a Life Coach?

It’s important to know that a life coach acts as your guide -- you will always remain in control of the process. I will help you articulate your aspirations and clearly define your vision of success.  I will help you remove obstacles that interfere in your progress as well as support new practices designed to reach your desired goals.

What kind of people see a life coach?

People see me because they want something different out of life . . . personal, professional, or both. Often, they have come to realize that they need someone who can support them in their journey, but who can also be entirely objective and impartial. The typical individual is motivated to become the best she can be and wants to live life to its fullest.

What is Your Coaching Style?

My coaching style is professional, reliable, friendly, optimistic, kind, and considerate.  My clients have told me that I put them at ease and they feel safe around me. I encourage my clients to go beyond their comfort zone – so that they can grow – but I’m careful not to push them beyond their limits.  Recently, a client of mine told me that he feels supported by me, yet sufficiently challenged.

What Can I Expect From you as a Life Coach?

Everyone is an individual and the benefits of life coaching are specific. By the same token, clients share many things in common and report results that can be called "typical." For example, I often hear clients tell me such things as enhanced communication skills, better decision-making abilities, improved relationships, increased self-esteem, and less stress.

How Does a Life Coach Differ from a Therapist?

A therapist helps people with abnormal mental health. The therapist explains, identifies, and treats illnesses using intervetions designed to "cure."  A life coach helps people whose mental health is normal, but who feel stuck, lost, or unfilfilled.  A life coach isn’t concerned as to why her clients feel this way. The life coach's job is to help his clients move forward using well-informed strategies.

What's the First thing that Happens with you as my life coach?

I will send you some surveys and documents to complete, which will help me assess your current life circumstances and learn what you’re hoping to gain from coaching.


How long will I need coaching?

It’s not professional nor is it ethical to pre-determine the amount of time you might need my services.  Your level of motivation and commitment, as well as your specific goals, factor directly into the number of sessions you might require.  Nonetheless, I like to suggest that you commit yourself to at least four months (4 – 12 sessions) to experience measurable results.

Our Story

Great to meet you.  I'm David and next to me is my son, Jake. 

I have a PhD in psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. For the past 25 years I've been helping people as a psychologist and a wellness coach.

I also designed and built our website.

Jake is a college sophomore studying business. He's a natural-born entrepreneur.

Jake is the chief marketing officer and a member of our fitness and nutrition advisory board.  His expertise is digital marketing and health technology applications.

We believe that anyone can be happier with the right people in his or her corner.  Our mission is to be in yours!

That's why we launched GreenVine Health.  Our HIPAA-compliant telehealth system, nutritional supplement platform, and health assessment software delivers interactive and integrative care.

Online Coaching
I can coach you using our HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform -- it doesn't matter where you live because we can work together from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

I'm ready to go as soon as you are!

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Melissa W

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John R

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Fullscript is fully PCI and HIPAA compliant which means your protected health information is safe and secure. Buying from marketplaces exposes your information, and can be sold to the highest bidder.

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