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Mental Health Assessments


We make it affordable, easy and efficient for qualified healthcare practitioners to deliver outcome assessments to their clients.



You can give assessments using a computer, laptop or other portable device at the point of care or remotely.


We instantly and accurately score and interpret the results for you as well as track outcomes  over time.


Make diagnostic decisions and deliver treatments expiditiously, and in a more cost-effective manner.

Use GreenVine Mental Health Health Assessment Software



My experience of nearly 30 years as a psychologist drove me to design and develop GreenVine Health. 

What I realized many years ago was that the use of mental health assessment tools should not be the sole purview of psychologists.

assessment mental health assessment Placing mental health tests and user-friendly technologies into a qualified professional’s hands is good for their clients.

Your cilents and patients should have to wait and pay more than necessary so that you can 


David J. Goodman, PhD

David J. Goodman, PhD

GreenVine Health, CEO

Here I am pictured with my son, Jake.

GreenVine Health Software

If you’re a psychologist, mental health counselor, psychiatric nurse, clinical social worker, psychiatrist, life coach, or any other certified professional interested in your clients’ mental and emotional well-being, GreenVine Health places dozens and dozens of assessments and user-friendly technologies into your hands.

You can now incorporate a wealth of assessment data into your normal clinical workflow.  This means you can formulate diagnostic decisions, deliver treatments, and provide care more expeditiously and in a more cost-effective manner.

Simplify Test Administration

Administering an assessment is so simple.  Just select the ones you want from the GreenVine Health Library.  There is no need for you to worry about maintaining a supply of tests, instruction sheets, or pencils!

GreenVine Health Software instantly scores assessments, saving you time and giving you useful interpretations.  When normative data is available, scores are presented as percentile ranks, comparing your clients’ scores to both clinical and healthy samples.

Scores Tests Instantly and Accurately

The moment your client completes an assessment, test scores and interpretations are available for you to examine – you will not have to perofr any calculates nor wait for results.

GreenVine Health software includes cut-off scores, sub-scales, as well as percentiles and averages when applicable. This feature saves time and ensures scoring is accurate.

Provides Immediate Feedback

When your client completes an assessment, the results are quickly translated into data, which you can view immediately and discuss with your patient. GreenVine Health software delivers tests with high standards of validity and reliability. We provide psychometric details and include resources that help clinicians further interpret and understand the results from their clients’ assessments.

Access to Dozens and Dozens of Assessments

GreenVine Health gives you access to dozens and dozens of multiple-choice tests, which will provide data to support your diagnoses you assist with case conceptualization.

Secure Data Storage

GreenVine Health Software is built with data encryption technologies.  We email test results directly to practitioners through a HIPAA-compliant platform and our software de-identifies client PHI.

GreenVine Health also allows you to track your patients’ treatments over time.  to Monitor Long-Term Treatment

Regularly measuring assessment results and charting them over time provides significant and important information and is especially useful for long-term treatment. GreenVine Health Software’s charting function can help you determine the proper treatment, track a client’s progress, and gauge the client’s mental health.

In fact, research shows regular use of outcome measures could increase engagement and improve the therapeutic relationship, ultimately strengthening the efficacy of treatment.


For Healthcare Providers and Their Patients Interested In and in Need of Our Assessment Software and User-Friendly Platform.