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Diagnostic clarity is the foundation of mental healthcare

The use of reliable and valid psychological tests is a foundational component of quality care and effective mental health services, from prevention to intervention.

If you’re a healthcare provider, GreenVine Health is FREE for you to use.  It’s efficient and easy!

Assessments are delivered at the time of care — in your office or remotely — or at any place and time that is convenient for the patient. Tests are instantly and accurately scored, and results and interpretations are sent directly to the client’s provider through GreenVine Software’s HIPAA-compliant email service.

Assessment administration is so simple.  Just select the tests you want from the GreenVine Health Library of Assessments.

GreenVine Health is an invaluable wesbite service that will fit seamlessly into your practice; provide better documentation; and ultimately increase client engagement which can help improve the therapeutic relationship and increase the efficacy of treatment. 


🔍 Clarify diagnoses

📈 Measure treatment results

👈 Point to effective treatments

👩 Personalize treatment plans

💬 Describe psychological constructs

📌 “Pin down” multiple scales and problems




🔑 ease of use

🔄 report sharing

📧 dual encrypted email

🚀 immediate report delivery

📊 bar graphs to track patient progress

📄 reports are clear and comprehensible

🔒 clinical data is protected and secured

📩 notify clients which tests to take via email

🔗 practitioners are uniquely linked to clients



The demand for evidence-based practices and treatment approaches continues to grow.  Third party payers and authorities in behavioral healthcare continue to apply pressure on providers to substantiate their diagnostic decisions and the efficacy of their treatments. Testing data can be used to comply with these standards of care.

Multidisciplinary psychological testing will increase mental health practitioners’ ability to deliver care efficiently, effectively, and resourcefully.  Furthermore, leaders and stakeholders in mental health will see benefits right away in two forms:

  1. lower healthcare costs
  2. higher rates of consumer satisfaction


GreenVine Health tests that mental health providers use DO NOT require special qualifications. (Learn more about testing qualifications here.)

How To Open your charts

From the Home Page Click on Charts

  1. Click on Charts in the Main Menu
  2. Click the Client’s Charts You Wish to See
  3. Click the Client’s Test You Wish To See
  4. That’s It!


  1. Fill Out The Registration Form
  2. Access Your Provider Link
  3. Copy Your Provider Link
  4. Email Your Provider Link to a Client


    Test Descriptions and Hard Copies

I believe psychological tests should be used routinely, by all mental health professional, not just psychologists. But this is much easier said than done . . . numerous barriers stand in the way.

I designed a computer system that eliminates every one of these barriers.  Now you can assess your clients using reliable and validated psychometric resources as well as measure their progress in treatment.

I am sure that you — and your clients — will find that GreenVine Health helps you deliver better mental healthcare!

david j. goodman, phd
david j. goodman, phd

Founder and Creator

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Reports Are Sent To You Immediately

  1. Names of Provider, Client, and Test Plus Date are Autopopulated
  2. Reports Include Overview of Test
  3. Reports Include Results and Interpretations
  4. Report Access is Restricted to the Provider